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Ceanothus, Ceanothus, Ceanothus...

I can't tell you how much I adore this plant. It's blooming now, in a North facing corner, not too unhappy about the lack of direct sunlight. This California native is an evergreen stunner and grows in more than 50 varieties.

Several varieties do better in the urban landscape than others of course, and since this is a native lilac, the watering schedule is hugely important.

Just because they are natives, you might think,"Oh they'll be fine in the car for a few days without water."

But alas, they die. I've killed my fair share of 5 gallon Ceanothus' because I was too lazy to take them out of the car and give them water, and too unorganized to put them in the ground after I bought them. They can be pricey for larger sizes, so best to plan ahead.

Ceanothus rule of thumb: the smaller the leaf, the slower the growth.

Garden Varieties:

'Dark Star' and 'Concha' and 'Joyce Coulter'


What's not to Love?


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