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Consultations are usually three hours. The time can be allotted in many ways, including an on-the-spot design, a visit to the local nursery, or a phased outline for a larger project.

A surcharge may apply for travel further than 20 miles from San Rafael, CA 94901. 


Coaching may be via text, phone or email and the use of relevant design websites for clients outside of the SF Bay Area.

Landscape Design Service

Designing a full landscape requires an artful process of sharing ideas and color palettes. I'll either hand draw, to scale, a plan view of the new landscape, in phases to be approved of, or use a mix of AutoCAD and Adobe Creative suite. 

Most homeowners budget 10% of the value of their home for the entirety of their outdoor space.

Real Estate Staging

Curb appeal is crucial and yet so many choose to forego a simple re-design when money spent will ensure a good first impression. "Staged" landscape designs are based on the architecture and location of the home, as well as the aesthetic of the interior stagers.


I find it beneficial to work with the existing gardener when installing a simple plant design, however a landscape installation company is sometimes needed for larger projects. Installation professionals can address the design specifications of soil amendments, irrigation, lighting, custom welding and other hardscape features like decks and patios. 

For plant designs, I source healthy varieties from nurseries in Sonoma and other wholesalers, and place them according to the final plan. Often, a few tweaks are made at the last minute to create the perfect finishing touch.

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